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Design and Manufacture of mechatronic devices
Consulting services related to drive technology
PCB design


Helping companies to develop and manufacture innovative mechatronic systems and optimize their driving solutions.


Fast and Affordable innovation

We believe that innovation does not have to consume enormous amount of time and money. With our agile organisation and accumulated experience, we strive to provide rapid innovative solutions that are affordable for a company of any size.

Whatever we do is oriented to deliver:

• High quality and reliable services and products,
• Strategic partnership with our clients by adapting to their business models,
• Turnkey solutions for new innovative product development and manufacture.

Our task is to help your business grow by delivering cost-competitive innovation in short time.

Problem we solve:

Many companies face following challenges:

• Lack of domain experience in hardware design
• Lack of resources
• Short deadlines for delivering hardware solutions
• They are stuck with technical issues that they cannot solve.

We help companies in need of complex and modular mechatronic devices to outsource their development and manufacture (in order to focus on their core business) by providing turnkey solutions.

Why should you choose us?

• Reliable solution supplier (Advanced mechatronic systems)
• Flexible service solution (Tailored made solutions)
• Proven know-how and very experienced staff
• Outsource hardware design, manufacture and testing so you can focus on your core business


Design and manufacture of mechatronic devices

We offer the service of complete design of mechatronic devices according to technical specifications. If you are not sure about technical specifications, we can help define them. We can also help with optimization and organize pre-certification and certification. We can also take over manufacture, testing, distribution and post sales services. We can adapt to your business model and take over the development and manufacture of hardware while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Consulting services related to drive technology

We help companies to optimize their driving solutions. In doing this we can find the optimal drive solution for your needs, organize assembly of special actuator solutions with parts from several manufacturers, organize testing for your drive solution, improve and optimize your current driving solutions. If you have special needs for a drive, or you require a high performance solution at a reasonable cost – we can help.

Distribution of driving equipment

As partners and special partners, we distribute driving equipment in Serbia for several leading manufacturers

We also offer development and distribution of customized solutions.

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PCB design

Speeding up development of IoT solutions through flexible service of PCB design, manufacture and assembly

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Customizable high resolution interpolation board for sinusoidal encoder

Interpolator board suitable for any sinusoidal incremental encoder




100 mA


up to 90 million increments per circle


CAN 2.0B (Up to 1 Mb/s), Encoder output


• Additional 14-bit Absolute position sensor
• Direct mounting on the sinusoidal encoder (if possible)
• Processing power – possibility to have velocity calculation on the interpolator


• 1 x CAN and power input
• 1 x Sinusoidal encoder interface
• 1 x Encoder out
• 1 x USB
• 1 x SWD



We are working on several cutting-edge robotic projects with the goal to develop mechatronic systems from scratch, deliver functional prototypes and set up serial production

Motorized PT camera head

New generation of innovative production robotic systems that will pave the way for production automation

Glass facade cleaning robot

Revolutionary system for fully autonomous facade cleaning and displaying commercial messages


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