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Glass Fasade Cleaning Robot

Glass facade cleaning robot

Revolutionary system for fully autonomous glass facade cleaning. Elegant system that allows display of commercial material while cleaning with high efficiency and collecting all the waste-water


We did complete technical solution for a glass facade cleaning robot. Robot consists of two units – vertical one that is used for moving the robot from one floor to the next and a horizontal one, that is used for moving along the facade in vertical direction and cleaning the glass.

Main characteristics of the technical design are:

Innovative actuators for vertical motion

System for concealing and winding the supply cable

Complete technical solution for communication, user interface, control and safety

Elegant design that becomes part of the building facade and allows to display commercials

Advanced cleaning system with high performance and waste-water collection (consists of water reservoirs, pumps, pipes, water sprinkling system, brush, wipers and vacuum water collection system)

We are currently developing the prototype of this system

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