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Robotic Camera System

Motorized PT camera head

New generation of innovative production robotic systems that will pave the way for production automation


Key features of the current camera head prototype

Our ambition is to reshape the industry of broadcast robotics by creating the most intelligent fleet of systems, specifically tailored to the inevitable future of remote, autonomous video productions.

Our solution is a family of camera robots built with the explicit purpose of automating video productions, optimized for remote IP workflows and IoT infrastructures. We offer a robot programmability layer ensuring maximum flexibility to any technology provider that needs low-latency high-fidelity access to the full range of motion of the camera robots.

Our robotics can handle use cases ranging from very slow to very fast movements with the same hardware. This is not possible today with competing systems. To further extend this, we are currently developing a moving platform that will be able to overcome typical studio obstacles


Payload of up to 30kg, weight of 6kg

Simple ethernet communication interface

Positioning precision of up to 0.001 °

Fully silent

Velocity regulation in the range 0.01 to 100 °/s

220V AC power supply

Up to 4 follow focus axes

Highly competitive price

Cables fully integrated into the body

Suitable for production automation

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistanc for 2014 (IPA 2014), under the Direct Grant Agreement – „New Products and Services Developed by SMEs Through Research Commercialization.“

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